Soul River

by Headless Buddha

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released January 28, 2014

Every sonic information: Mauro Sanches
Album cover art: Virgínia Moura



all rights reserved


Headless Buddha Rio, Brazil

Headless Buddha is a psychedelic rock project conceived by Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Mauro Sanches in mid-2013. The name was instantly adopted when Sanches’ little Buddha statue fell on the floor, having its head broken. This simple event was also the inspiration to create the overall focus of the project’s songs: stimulate deep thoughts around events that seem simple. ... more

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Track Name: Vision
I felt tired and lonely
And I fell asleep
Without a roof protect me
From the weather of my ways

Won't you awake me
From those dreams I've left behind?
Would you forsake me
When I'm deep down on my mind?

I know I am just roving
Through all these broken eyes
Can't find a vision that fits on
All these sights and reveries
Track Name: Collide
I've seen venus and mars collide
Like waves on a ship at high tide
When both came out of their own path
We still try find out what's going on
As the impact is shaking our worlds
Can we go on a spaceship to the moon?

Can you help me out?
I'm wandering through new lands
Can you find me a house
To sleep just for tonight?
Track Name: A Stare Into The Abyss
A melody seems to come from nothing
But evokes a new felling
It sort of flows but makes no sense at all

It's something from deep within my soul
That cannot be transcribed in words
Like noises trying to become a song
I remain unable to decipher me

Many murky thoughts rush from my head upon
A stare into the abyss
I know it’s me but makes no sense at all
Track Name: Never Get What You Want
You've been running in circles
Comming back to the start
Never doing what you can
Gonna do what you might, yesterday

You never get what you want
You're gonna get what you need

You've been hidding inside
Running from the light
Daydreaming all the time
Got lost in your mind once again